Stop using ChatGPT and use your GPTs : AI Today

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, staying updated with the latest news and projects can be overwhelming. Enter “AI Today,” the first of its kind in the lineup of GPTs released by OpenAI, offering an unparalleled blend of news coverage and AI database access right at your fingertips.

AI Today stands as a testament to the evolving capabilities of GPTs, tailored to meet the thirst for knowledge in the AI community. It’s not just an information resource but an expert system crafted to navigate the expansive realm of AI developments.

Here’s what makes AI Today stand out:

Comprehensive AI News Coverage: With AI Today, you’re connected to the pulse of the AI world. From breakthroughs in machine learning to the latest in AI ethics and policy, this chatbot ensures you’re informed with the most current and impactful news.

In-Depth AI Project Indexing: AI Today goes beyond headlines, providing deep dives into a myriad of AI projects. Whether you’re looking for the newest startups or the leading-edge research papers, AI Today offers a searchable database that covers the full spectrum of AI innovation.

User-Friendly Experience: Designed with user engagement in mind, AI Today boasts an intuitive interface accessible via It invites users to explore AI topics in depth, with ease and sophistication.

Community-Driven Insights: Created by a community builder, AI Today represents the collective intelligence of AI enthusiasts. It’s a platform that not only informs but also encourages interaction and community discourse.

As AI Today is freshly released, the access to custom GPTs is still in the rollout phase. Users are invited to check back soon as the feature becomes fully operational in the coming days.

Embark on your AI discovery journey with AI Today—your portal to mastering the AI narrative. Stay tuned, explore, and be a part of the conversation shaping the future of artificial intelligence.






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